What Customers are Saying:

Aisling Eyre

“Zumba Fantasy’ is coming back after the summer holidays and I can’t wait!I joined after seeing Colette do a class and saying to myself ‘I want to move like that!’ Colette is a beautiful dancer who makes the whole class feel they can join in  and ‘move like her’. Her classes are always fun and with fantastic routines, rhythms and beats they make you WANT TO dance, enjoy yourself and WORK OUT, with the added bonus of toning up, losing weight and feel great! Worked for me!  Thanks Colette, you’re the best!!!! 

F Fahy

“Zumba is the most fun I’ve ever had getting fit. Right from the start Colette our  instructor is really enthusiastic and gets your energy going. The music has a great beat and you just can’t help but dance. The routines are broken down so they’re easy to learn and after a few classes you get to know the steps so you can really get into it. Loads of different types of songs and routines gives a really great mix and there’ll be something that everyone likes. If you’re looking to get in shape or just have some fun, then Zumba’s for you. I’m definitely a Zumba Fantasy addict now!” 

S Gorman

“I started doing Zumba Fitness to try something new, I was never good at dancing but soon realised that didn’t matter and I picked up the steps really easily- I also didn’t realise I was going to become such a fanatic! I love the music, it’s so much fun and I do it twice a week with the girls; a huge bonus is really noticing a difference fitting into my clothes! Colette is full of energy and always introducing new routines so it never gets boring… The class goes by so fast so a lot of the time you don’t actually notice your exercising, as Colette says herself: IT’S EXERCISE IN DISGUISE! ” 


"Colette, Thank you so much for your fantastic Zumba classes over the last
18 months. I have loved every minute at the Harold, and I will be Zumbaing
back home on Tuesdays and Saturdays with you in Spirit."

M Walsh

” just to say, I am really enjoying the  Monday Zumba fitness  sessions in St. Joseph’s. Despite my legs going one way and arms the other……. not to mention when I totally lose it! Good healthy fun,

Thanks.. Colette


 "I don't really like exercising but Zumba is a completely different story. My body is now more toned, but the real surprise for me was the improvement in general energy levels and mood. 
I always felt too tired at the end of a busy day to go to the gym, now I look forward to your classes...Thank you Colette